Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Thanks everyone for visiting WebNX stall at ACMA Expo.'11


WebNX Management would like to THANK EVERYONE for visiting our booth at ACMA last weekend, December 16th to 18th. We truly value potential clients, homeowners, board members and fellow members of ACMA. We had a GREAT time at the event and hope you too !

If you didn't visited ACMA Day this year, then please check photographs and give your valuable feedback. We will appreciate your interest to join us next year! 

There are number of visitors who has visited our booth at ACMA and we are thankful to them for their interest.

We would greatly appreciate if you would take moment of your time for feedback about our website, the ACMA Day event or any questions you may have about our management services. We pride ourselves on Customer Service and welcome any comments or suggestions. 

Thank you again for your continued support of the WebNX Community Management Family!

Leaving you with a couple of pictures from our stall.


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